Who's a Good Boy?

Yooo what's up everyone, I'm AJ Voelpel, the founder of Good Boy Originals. I'm the one who transforms things into thoughtful & stunning pieces of fine art.

The foundation/inspiration for GBO is deeply rooted in the people, places, culture and hospitality of New York, where I was born and raised. A lot of the credit goes to my parents, who pretty much wrote the book on side hustling and always made sure I was making myself uniquely useful to everyone.

Exceeding expectations really is the name of the game and I'm grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I receive. The immense precision and thought and time and effort that I put into every single piece is undoubtedly motivated by how much joy they bring.

The Process

I let the object(s) be the star and do my best to showcase it in a way that's not only visually stunning, but will evoke endless memories and conversations.

Fine Art Photography

All designs are completely collaborative with the client.

world-class fine art papers

I pride myself on using only the best archival papers, mainly from renowned producers Moab & Hahnemuhle.

Museum-Grade Everything

My frames are custom made for me and I do all the matting/framing for every piece that leaves the studio.