Who's a Good Boy?

Yo what's good everyone - I'm AJ Voelpel, the sole founder & artist of Good Boy Originals. Really appreciate you dropping by and figure it's only fair that I return the favor and tell you a little about the guy who's making your art.

I was born and raised in Westbury, N.Y., but currently reside in Oceanside, Calif., with my wife and two boys.

My full-time gig is head of content at MUNICIPAL, an apparel company I helped startup in 2019, and was formerly the creative manager at Callaway Golf (which is why I moved out to SoCal in the first place).

I started Good Boy in 2017 as a creative outlet/passion project to showcase some of the cool things I've been collecting (okay fine...hoarding) throughout my golf life. Then I started to print out the designs and gift them to friends. Then they started to tell their friends (and so on and so on...). It very quickly transformed into a legit side hustle that now affords me the unbelievable opportunity to create custom art pieces for people all over the world.

(Quick shoutout to my mom and dad, who taught me the art of side hustling and instilled a fierce work ethic in their three kids. Ya did good, Christina & Charlie.

The immense passion and thought and time and effort that I put into every single piece is undoubtedly motivated by how much happiness they bring people. I'm grateful for overwhelmingly positive feedback and it fuels me to constantly improve and refine my techniques.

When I'm not at work(s), you could find me goofing off with my two goofball sons, playin' in the weekly Friday Skins Game at Goat Hill, face-timing/ visiting with my family back in NY, collecting too much art myself, cooking, triple espresso-ing, deep diving in golden age hip hop and rarely relaxing. (Not sure if that last one will every change either.)

Skratch TV Feature

The fine folks at Skratch TV (shoutout Sam & Zoe) spent a few days with me in March 2021 to profile exactly what it is that I do.

aj voelplel of good boy originals talks about how he started his art side hustle

The process

Clean and cool is the name of the game. The art I produce has always been rooted in simplicity. I let the object be the star and do my best to showcase it in a way that's not only visually stunning, but will evoke endless memories and conversations.

Concept & Photography

All designs are completely collaborative with the client.

World-Class Fine Art Papers

I pride myself on using only the best archival rags, mainly from renowned producers Moab & Hahnemuhle.

Museum-Grade Matting, Glazing & Custom Framing

All done in-house. Constantly learning & refining my techniques to create the most thoughtful & stunning product possible.